Academy, which offers intensive polo training to everyone, from beginner level to professionals. We welcome pupils from Spain and abroad who come to play or to study. We can offer from a one-day class to professional training which may last weeks or months.

The Academy is open all year round, working daily with a team of different specialists: tamers, trainers, teachers and polo players. As well as training polo players, the Academy runs the Trafalgar Polo Club’s Polo Horse Training Centre, specialising in the making, training and correction of polo ponies.


FIDEL RODRÍGUEZ ÁLVAREZ (Spain/Argentina): Polo manager and specialised teacher with over 20 years’ experience.

MARION ACOSTA (Germany/Argentina): Academy Director, coordinator of national and international projects.

PROFESSIONALS (Argentina): trainers/coaches for players and specialists in polo pony riding and training.

POLO WORKERS: the team is complemented by young people from different countries who come to learn and be part of the Trafalgar Polo Club world.