Trafalgar Polo Club

Finca Mangueta – Playa El Palmar
11159 Cadiz, Spain

Principal phone:
+34 919 018 378


+34 919 018 378

+34 628 484 687

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How to arrive

Attention! Important, do not follow Google Maps directions (it sends you the wrong way).

If you are on the road from El Palmar to Zahora, passing the roundabout of the BP Petrol Station, about 1.5 km away, you will find a line of eucalyptus trees on the right, among the eucalyptus you will see a sign that defines the speed at 50 km per hour. Just at the height of that signal on the right hand side enter a dirt track where you must keep to the right until the end of it. Then you should turn left where you will see the hotel.